Tailored Services

These are detailed services and actions agreed upon or on specific financial items, and a report is issued by the chartered accountant with the results. International standards instructions must also be adhered to and inspected, when necessary, for example but not limited to:

  • Evaluating fair value of stocks for various purposes and providing technical specialized consultation in regard to investment in the financial market.
  • Preparing marketing studies and economic feasibility studies for proposed projects and expansions of existing projects.
  • Administrative restructuring, planning and organizing administrative structures and providing managerial consultations.
  • Providing human resources consultations to achieve the client’s strategic goals.
  • Preparing studies for banking settlement to insolvent companies, re-organize its financial structures, conduct negotiations with creditors banks and provide necessary financial consultations.
  • Training and qualifying accounting and administrative cadres to work for clients according to different needs.
    What does the client gain from this service?
    • Issuing reports on specific financial data to aid management make the appropriate decision.
    • Providing a report on disputed financial items, which helps parties reach an agreement.
    • Assisting management in verifying financial items about which there are suspicions of embezzlement or theft.
    • Issuing reports directed to concerned parties on specific items.

The fact that financial and accounting services are multiple and cannot be counted indicates that we offer other related services that are not mentioned.

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